True Vintage Sound is the idea which we have had in mind throughout the whole process of designing our first effect. The idea itself is the realisation of the vision to combine what is beautiful in the vintage sound with what is perfect in modern electronics. True Vintage Sound is the idea which has emerged as a result of our passion and long-term musical and technological experience. That is the vision which helped focus our aspirations on achieving perfection and excellence. That is an endless process which we are going to continue and improve in order to obtain the best possible sound effects for you. So, try and draw the delight from having the true vintage sound close at hand.

4 DRIVES in one stompbox!!!

Despite the inconsiderable and classic size of the stompbox the effect has 4 different kinds of drive for multiple uses.

TBMS (True Bypass Mute System)

Is a specifically designed system minimising transient states (tappings) while using the foot switch.

... more, more GAIN

Powerful gain of 18dB ... 60dB allows to make use of the effect in a considerably wider range than it has been possible before.

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