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ROOT Vintage Drive is a fully analogue effect. It is the result of combining the idea of vintage sound with the modern and uncompromising approach to designing electronics. Only in this way has it been feasible to obtain the full sound range - from the classic medium drive, present in the first designs of the kind to the modern, juicy overdrive with its vintage character fully retained. Designed in an optimum way, the signal processing track allows to obtain several kinds of overdrive. Vintage Drive can be used practically in every kind of music - jazz, blues, country, pop, rock and different types of metal.


Input impedance: 500 kOhm

Output impedance: 5 kOhm

Nominal input level: - 22 dBV

Maximum input level: - 2,2 dBV

Maximum output level: - 2,2 dBV

SNR: > 90 dB A weighted (Vref = - 2,2 dBV)

Gain regulations: 18 dB … 60 dB

Current Draw: < 6,5 mA

Power Supply: One 9 V Bartery or external AC/DC adapter, out 9 V DC

Weight: 240 g (0,53 lbs)


   • 115 mm (D) x 65 mm (W) x 47 mm (H)

   • 4,53" (D) x 2,56" (W) x 1,85" (H)

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